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eat, read, sit and enjoy. nice post. think i know where you're coming from, even if i'm looking upwards into a slighly other galaxy.

A. N. Smith

Another thought Ive had: a lot of my writing heroes didnt even begin publishing books until they were 40. Granted, they started out with a Big Five and were good enough to keep the companys support in order to build their careers, but sometimes I have a weird perspective because I went to grad school pretty young, and I was *determined* to get my first book published by the time I was 30 (which I didnt do). Its been nine years since PSYCHOSOMATIC, and Ive got plenty of books to be proud of, but I still feel that Ive settled into a good place. Maybe, since I am only 40, I should keep the agent and publisher options open. But I like what Im doing, and I dont want to chase the bastards. If one ever wants to come to me and talk, okay. Well see. But fuck the chase. The chase sucks.


It's good to know what you want and where you want to be. I'll admit I waver sometimes about what I really want to do — go it alone or chase the brass ring? — but eventually I come around to pursuing the old goal, which is mainstream success at any cost. A part of that is leftover from trying to prove something to my father, who's gone now but scarred me forever by telling me I had no talent. Every time something goes right for me, I feel another nail being driven into that coffin. If I didn't have that hounding me, maybe I wouldn't turn myself gray trying to have it all.

So if you're content with how things are going, you should definitely be happy. I'm never really satisfied and I doubt I would be even if I were making James Patterson money. I just can't get there. I'd give a lot to reach a point where I could say, "That's plenty. I don't need anymore." I'd certainly be a lot healthier for it.

A. N. Smith

Um...thanks Sam. Yeah, um. [Scratches ass, feels stupid]

I only shake my fist in *love* , though.

Seriously, though, my own thoughts, after chasing the mainstream for ten, fifteen years and narrowly missing on several occasions, is that it made me miserable (my wife agrees), so I *had* to make it stop. It was the only way to make myself happy. But I root for all the writers I love to grab hold of the dream and get there. CHEERS!


Meh. There are a lot of writers I greatly enjoy and appreciate who I think deserve mainstream success. You do your best but only .01%, or less, will hit the zeitgeist.

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