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I'm glad to hear all of that. But something has to change a little - more relaxing and quiet and a little more attention to health. It's a warning, it would be a shame not to take something away from it for the future.
Keep that love, man.

A. N. Smith

The quiet and relaxing is part of the health stuff, though, I think. dont worry, Ill keep it all smooth.

Holly West

Herman's gonna be mad you didn't mention him specifically.

Ruthe Thompson

You gotta pay more attention to your heart chakra, man. Perhaps wear more green?

Bill Crider

Would cutting back on the tacos help? Take care!

A. N. Smith

It might help piss me off, Bill.

D.A. Trappert

I'm so glad to hear you are on the mend. I'm not religious so I won't promise to pray for you, but I'll send some good vibes toward Minnesota and maybe it will help.

Gerg Bardsley

Glad you're on the mend, Neil ... and glad you're going to take good care

Fred Snyder

Get better, dude! I'm looking forward to Once a Warrior.

Gef Fox

Glad to hear you're still kickin'. Take 'er easy, man.

Tim Mayer

Whew, that was close! Take care of yourself (I should talk).

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