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Kent Gowran

I love the fact that the sex in XXX Shamus isn't a turn-on but rather could make a reader uncomfortable or even kinda bummed out. Really makes that whole aspect of the book work.

Out of curiosity, and if you even recall the conversation we had over chicken fingers and Old Style (or feel like divulging), is the possible second Red novel that one that seemed "too weird"?


I don't remember exactly which one was the "too weird" one, since I've started and stopped a few of those. But it's not as awful as XXX. The weirdness in it is different. More heartfelt, even. I ended up putting it aside to work on ALL THE YOUNG WARRIORS, though. Never meant to let it stay ignored.


That's nice, but I'm still not buying an e-book. I'll order the paperback for work.

A. N. Smith

I think you should order three for work. Maybe four. Should prove popular and not in any way rabble-rousing.


I was one of the backers in Kickstarter, basically because I liked and wanted to support Osbourne's initiative. Choose the option of getting the 5 books in digital versions. Didn't read any of them, yet - the damn pile of unread books always larger that the hours of the day - but since I've ended the popcorn ones, I was already thinking that it was time to read some of those.

And now I discover that XXX is yours. Hah!
A nice surprise, I have to say.


Good on you, Neil. Go!


Speaking of weird pen names...


I put the book on order. I cannot thinking about Red.



I know what you were thinking, Neil. When we try something new, a little off the beaten track, we don't want to be excoriated for it. If it's published under a pen name and it crashes and burns, no harm done. It's a safety net. I did the same damn thing, and now I'm stuck with Anonymous-9. I like it. But the Anonymous part of the name sure has been around.

All success wished for XXX Shamus


I remembered another. http://youtu.be/vKj4upY1VYI

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